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The line “take me to the place where techno resonates” from the new Coals’ song “Rave03” perfectly reflects the contemporary music scene in Poland; but, before our night escapades, let’s start the day with a bit more joyous rhythms.

Make yourself a cup of coffee, turn your speakers on, and drift away with The Dumplings.
Justyna Święs and Kuba Karaś make synth- and electro-pop music in which we can find clear references to 80s style. Their lyrics describe both the problems and joys of young people, but also touch on larger social issues. The duet started their career in 2013, and already a year later, they were announced to be a musical sensation in Poland. Nowadays, the band plays at the biggest music festivals, and just released their second album, Sea You Later.

The second band you should definitely check out is We Draw A. Their alternative music could first be heard at Opener Festival, the biggest music festival in Poland, in 2012. Their debut album Moments was a great success, so the artists decided to expand their musical range. From electro they slowly moved onto chill techno sounds. On the topic of their 2016 “Ghosts” album said the following: “Romatism – death and love, the interpenetration of these passions, and finally the classic division of material and spiritual things […] This is us, not one or another version of the western artist”, which means they want to be unique, while following our Eastern patriotic traditions.

In the middle of our “New Playlist”, I want to introduce one of my favourite artist, whose career I’ve been following and observing since I was 9. Monika Brodka is a very diverse musician, often referred to as “folk power with punk energy” by Polish audiences. Her first pop album was released in 2004, just after she won the talent show Idol. Her second album Granda from 2010 presents electronic music mixed with folk instruments, as well as beautifully written songs (e.g. “Saute”). Finally, her new, completely English language, album Clashes is a blend of spiritual music, folk, scuzzy pop, and rock. This album shows how mature Brodka has become in her music career. Nowadays, we can read about her in i-D or Dazed, listen to her at the festivals around the world (last year Brodka played at Eurosonic festival in Groningen), and enjoy the vibes Brodka produces internationally!

Pre – drinks in your loft with a bunch of friends in the evening? Young people often listen to some Polish rap with texts that our capital city “smells like cigs and cauliflowers”. The biggest and most rapidly developing rap artist of the contemporary scene in Poland is Taco Hemingway. The artist was born in Egypt in 1990, and a few years later moved to Poland with his family. His first album, Young Hems was produced in English and released in London; however, the real successful one was his Polish EP Trójkąt Warszawski [Warsaw Triangle]. What is perhaps most interesting about this rapper is that “Taco consciously creates his mythologies: maps of now defunct clubs, recognizable figures like taxi drivers, waiters, and cashiers, as well as characteristic protagonists with whom listeners may easily identify.” (

And here we come – the end of our playlist! Let’s dance to some vibrant vibes as the night falls. RYSY is a duet of two music producers: Sonar Soul (Łukasz Stachurko) and Wojtek Urbański. The melancholic vocals that we hear in some of their songs is mostly created by Justyna Święs from The Dumplings. The newest video clip to their vibrant electro song “Father” is thoughtful and very well prepared by director and screenwriter Martyna Iwańska. In the Director’s Notes clip, we learn that “this is a sleep lab. Touching darkness. Strange and vague space. It is a place where desires and fears come and exist together in an adequate proper distance.” You should definitely check “Father” out and let these vibes lead your body. For now, I’m leaving you with nonchalant voice of Justyna. Cheers!

Martyna Małysiak, Class of 2018, is a art history and theatre and media, from Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Featured image source: the Dumplings.

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