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By Alisa Adams
Contributions by UCR students

Living in Middelburg can be pretty tough when it comes to finding activities. The question what to do in town is not always an easy one.

Well, the best (almost the only) answer is to Eat! What is truly better than eating great food when you have the time to do so?

So, I come bearing a yummy list for you all to get out of your houses and tantalize your taste buds. For the past week, I have gone around UCR asking everyone what their favorite spot to eat is and I have made a list of everyone’s favorite food places in Middelburg. I have highlighted certain things that students would be interested in, such as price and generous portion sizes- so I hope you can pick your new favorite place from this list!

  1. Café Sint John – I personally have not been here but after the great reviews I heard, it is definitely on the must-eat list. It is a small, cozy cafe with free Wi-Fi, so perfect for studying. It opens at 8:30am so it is great for all the early risers!
  2. RØST– Again, this is not one I have been to, but I was told that they make delicious food. With its casual and cozy vibe, it can be the perfect place to get a good meal and read a good book or catch up on your class reading.
  3. Honeypie – I don’t think you can be a true UCR student without a love for Honeypie. With the sweetest treats in Middelburg, Honeypie has something to curb every craving. The options of both outdoor and indoor seating make it perfect for any time of the year. The vibe of Honeypie is definitely more social than the first two cafes, so it is a good place to catch up with your friends over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. They also have beautiful decorations for all your Instagram pictures!
  4. Expresszo – This is another popular cafe amongst UCR students, so it doesn’t need much explanation. Located near the market square, it is an easy and delicious option for anyone looking for their dose of caffeine.
  5. Il Senso – “Affordable, good service and great quality of food for a good price.” These were the reasons that UCR students gave for loving this beautiful restaurant. Honestly, what more could we want?
  6. La Picola Italia – This is one of the only restaurants in Middelburg who give generous portions of delicious food. I guess that’s just Italian though, isn’t it? Nevertheless, La Picola never disappoints when it comes to getting your money’s worth.
  7. Amore – This is also on the UCR staple diets list. Amore never lets us down with our late night cravings because it is open until 2am! I don’t think much needs to be said about Amore either because I know you have all eaten from there.
  8. Gusti Sapori – With two locations in Middelburg, it is the perfect place to go if you are looking for authentic and delicious Italian food.
  9. Sakura Huis – As a lover of Asian cuisine, I was quite disappointed with the lack of variety of Asian food. Regardless, the food at Sakura Huis is delicious and always worth the cost. Now, I say that because the cost is quite high: Sakura works in a sort of buffet style of dining, where you pay 30 EUR and order anything on the menu, so I would recommend really committing to the food before visiting the restaurant.
  10. Elliott! – This list could not be complete without our very own Elliott! If you have not eaten there yet, we need to have a talk. Not only is Elliott run by our fellow students, but all the food preparation is done by them too. Everything on the menu is cheap and fast to make, so you save so much time on cooking.  Elliott is also the perfect spot for both studying and catching up with friends.

I know that there are so many other places around us which are worth a mention, but these were the ones that seemed to stand out to most students. I would definitely recommend trying them all out during your time at UCR while you still can!


Alisa Adams, Class of 2021, is a Law and Politics major from Harare, Zimbabwe



Image Source: http://emojees.in

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