Small Things

Small Things


It can be so intimidating

to see all of the people and groups

Moving mountains, making waves.

It can make you feel so small, powerless.

But don’t be fooled,

For that is the very reason that we must continue to stand up and speak out.

It takes more than one person to make a wave,

No one can move a mountain alone.


The world is made up of infinite parts.

It takes all of us to make it whole.

We can’t all take on the same responsibility,

For there is so much to do

And no one can do it all.


And if that isn’t enough,

If you still find your doubt encroaching on your hope,

Remind yourself you are not alone.

If you are overwhelmed,

Turn to your neighbor,

They may be too.

It is okay to be exhausted,

To stop and take a breath.

Remind yourself

That small does not mean insignificant,

Slow does not equate to failure.


Own your space,

Use your voice.

You don’t need to be someone that others can look up to,

Be someone they can relate to.

For even small things will make waves and move mountains

If you give it time.


By Lexi Czulewicz

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