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Punk Donald Trump

By Gloria Borroni One of my favorite literary movement of all time, especially when I was in my rebellious teenage years, was the Beat Generation. The exponents of this thinking current were the ones who rebelled against all cultural and social norms of the 50s, that they considered to be old-fashioned. The Beat Generation is…

Let’s Talk About Fashion

By Gloria Borroni As I spend my days watching videos of New York’s fashion week, dreaming of owning one of those dresses, or, better yet, sitting in between the big names of the fashion industry, gazing at the models walking down the runway with my overcritical glasses on and my eyebrow raised, I wonder why…

Your New Italian Playlist

By Gloria Borroni  Contrary to popular belief, Italian music is not about the mandolin and accordion, at least, not all of it. Music is a crucial cultural aspect of Italy, after all, Italy was the home of some of the greatest classical music composers and opera authors of all times. Nonetheless, parallel to this so-called…

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