Nine Instagram Grid Worthy Places in Middelburg

By Yonna Kuipers

As liberal millennial snowflakes we only communicate online, if at all. Our filtered sheltered lives are filled with difficult dilemmas: whether to recycle or not when the paper bins are full, whether to walk across the bridge near Roggeveen or break the law and bike across it anyway. It is hard being a 20-something-year old with an online presence to keep up. We fill our lives with likes and followers, but this might present itself as a difficult quest in a seemingly boring town like Middelburg. It might even seem impossible to keep up our gluten free Instagram feeds with shots of our decaf soy flat whites and scenic shots of old buildings but fear not: it is possible. I have curated nine locations that are impeccably Instagram worthy with or without filters.

instagram grid

  1. Middelburg Abbey: Located near the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies these archways make for the perfect scenic and historic background to your nonchalant and candid shot. The greys and soft lighting give a dramatic and moody twist to your grid theme.
  2. Noordsingel trees: They’re good at any time of year but if you catch them during a winter sunset they’ll present you with beautiful romantic silhouettes.
  3. Abbey Square Archway: If you’re looking for a sprinkle of urban in your feed, the Abbey Square will present you with plenty of exposed brick walls (mainly because all the buildings are brick so ya…) for that semi-New York apartment flair.
  4. Cafés: You cannot call yourself a millennial if you have not taken a shot of the latte art presented in your coffee of choice. My places of preference are Robuust! and Expresszo as their wooden tables and exposed brick provide classic Scandi background to amp up your flatlay game.
  5. Stadhuis: Whilst it is not generally accepted to use snapchat location filters on your Instagram (tacky as hell) sometimes you have to step out of the box and just do it. The Stadhuis is the perfect place for that as it is the Eiffel Tower of Middelburg. People have to understand that you were here, and if they don’t recognize it by the building alone you have to make them understand it, any way you can.
  6. Cake shots: Thankfully Middelburg has plenty of places where you can boast about your cheat days. At De Juf for example, you get ample opportunity to show off your cake of choice. Don’t forget to tag your dietary restrictions though! #childfree
  7. De Blindenhoek: As millennials we are a stickler for the rules and never park our bikes in front of Elliott. That is why they often land in the Blindenhoek, the alley near Elliott. But if you look up during your bike adventure you’ll notice you have a perfect view of the Lange Jan without making it obviously about this clock tower. No need for phallic objects in your feed, so why not try it this way. This shot is especially beautiful in spring/summer as the tree pictured here is in blossom.
  8. Noordsingle trees: this totally counts as two different locations because this also captures the star formation defense that Middelburg built around its city to defend it against intruders. Any late summer early fall 8:45 is good for a misty shot of the sunrise through the trees, and it will definitely guarantee you some double taps.
  9. Expresszo: the ultimate expression of hipster chic and the perfect place to feature on your Instagram. Not only are their coffees Instagram worthy, the exposed brick, wooden tables, vintage coffee grinders, and industrial lamps are a social media influencer’s dream.

So next time you let a tear trickle down your cheek because after your last nine selfies you really cannot post a tenth, fret not and realize that any place can become Instagram worthy if you just apply the right filter. Remember kids, social media definitely portrays an accurate reflection of all aspects of peoples’ lives!

Yonna Kuipers, Class of 2017, is a history and linguistics major from Schiedam, the Netherlands.

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