Matthijs van Lindonk for RASA CAO

Dear fellow RASA students,


With the start of the new semester, we have sadly seen several of the RASA board members leave their position. However, RASA policy dictates that these positions are to be filled again until the board is relieved after the next election cycle. And as such, I am excited to announce that I will be running for the position of CAO for the interim RASA Board for the remainder of the spring semester of 2017.  After three semesters here at UCR, I have met many great people and have been involved in several exciting student projects and events. In my opinion, the most remarkable thing about these events is that they are planned and organised by you, the students. Expecting nothing in return except for the participation of your peers, you are able to create experiences which are entertaining and thought provoking for the organizers, participants and their audience.


As a potential RASA CAO, I am looking forward to work together with you to facilitate, guide and discuss the organisation and execution of these events, while also striving for cooperative efforts between several boards. By being closely involved, I will strive to communicate effectively between the committees and RASA, while still facilitating the autonomy of each party. When it comes to work ethic, I view topics in a very practical and analytical manner. In combination with a willingness to cooperate, I strive to approach issues with others by considering everyone’s feedback and every side of the argument.


Furthermore, I have obtained a lot of relevant experience from having been responsible for the analysis and revision of the quality-management system of a company listed on the 2016-2017 Best Managed Companies as published by Deloitte. This project has given me a lot of insight in how a company or committee can function in a very efficient, effective and practical way, and I believe that this is very applicable to the workings of our student association too.


I am very excited to stand before you on Tuesday, and I hope to convince you of my competence to represent the community of UCR for at least the rest of this semester.


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