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Life Imitates Art – A Film, A Poem, And A Song

“Why do we need to have this GSA-week?” It’s a good question. It’s also a convenient question because the very act of asking it, provides the answer. If LGBT visibility were more integrated in popular media, a week like this would perhaps not raise such instant resistance. By isolating LGBT-media, a lot of people might…

UCR Musicians #4 – Thomas Hitchcock

My name is Thomas Hitchcock. I mainly play piano, the accordion, and I compose. What is your earliest music-related memory? When I was five, this kid, he was eight, showed me how to play Smoke on the Water. I thought he was really cool, being eight, and I was practicing those three or four notes…

Women’s March Amsterdam

By Joëlle Koorneef This Saturday, the 11th of March, the Women’s March on Amsterdam will take place. Go to the Women’s March to hear other people’s stories. Go to understand that we are all there for different reasons, with different backgrounds and different demands. If you think you know who is a ‘woman’, think again….

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