By Mieke Pressley

There is something undeniably calming and peaceful about roaming about an exhibition; taking in a painting’s many colors, turning about a sculpture or grasping at straws, attempting to find the hidden meaning behind an abstract work. What better way, then, to take a break from studying during this busy weekend than to go soak up some art? Luckily, the RAW board has our backs, showcasing their second (?) RAW exhibition this Saturday at RØST.

Semesterly, the RAW board sets out on a mission to collect a variety of creative expressions; whether it’s paintings, drawings, poems, photographs or more, made by members of our community. These submitted works were reviewed by a team of voluntary editors and the board itself made the final cut. In the end, they were left with a total of 20 works that make up the contents of this semester’s RAW print edition.

Besides working on their RAW print edition, the board has also put together an exhibition in collaboration with coffeehouse RØST. During this exhibition, the works featured in the printed version will be shown and you will be able to pick up a copy of the print edition, as the exhibition also functions as the print release of this semester’s RAW. You can furthermore also enjoy some free drinks and snacks while enjoying the art. And if that isn’t enough to tempt you to come, there is also a little surprise waiting at RØST for all those attending.

So, now you know where to head when you need a break this Saturday. The exhibition will take place between 4 and 6 on Saturday afternoon, make sure to check out the result of the RAW board’s hard work this semester!


Mieke Pressley, Class of 2019, is a History and Art History Major from Brussels, Belgium



Image Source: RAW

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