Category: Visual Journalism

On London’s Graffiti

By Boudica Gast This summer I travelled to London. I took my camera with me with the intent of attempting some urban photography. As I explored through the city looking for unusual ways to depict a place that has been photographed countless times before, I noticed the hundreds of beautiful graffiti paintings, and was intrigued….

Nacht van de Nacht 2018

by Liam McClain I grew up in a neighbourhood that, like many other neighbourhoods in America, took Halloween very seriously. With the candy and the dressing up, Halloween quickly became my favourite holiday. I still remember my disappointment when I learned that Halloween wasn’t celebrated in The Netherlands (aside from the occasional black cat or…

The Story Behind the Visuals

  By Liam McClain Before I got my motorcycle licence, I bowed my head and solemnly swore to my mother that I would never drive while drunk or extremely emotional. Cut to week seven of my first semester at UCR, tearing through the empty roads leading out of Middelburg at 2 in the morning with…

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