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On Freedom

By Arya Mehta This semester, UCR has chosen the theme “Cultures and Institutions of Freedom”, which I find to be a paradoxical expression. Institutions are inherently a tool of the state and do not, and cannot, provide ‘absolute’ freedom (if that is even possible). UCR, as a Western institution, is limited to Western epistemology and…

My Opinion on UCR’s Promotional Videos

By Marijke van Selm Just a disclaimer: I am part of the Tabula Rasa daily board. However, the opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect TR’s opinion. This article is an expression of my own thoughts on the matter. Lately, UCR has been releasing promotional videos, filmed and edited by a UCR student….

The Power of a Simple “Thank You”

By Eva Kloppenborg My time at UCR is regretfully coming to an end. Soon, my three years spent in this beautiful bubble will become a memory that I will look back at with a wistful sense of nostalgia. Over the years there have been many hurdles, many doubts and many nightly feelings of a gnawing…

Fill the Void

By Justin Kist Now is not the time to rest your weary head. As we are kilometers apart, ranging from a few to some thousands, life continues. The world turns and so does UCR. Assignments, exams, and projects still exist. In a different set-up, yes, but it still continues. Like UCR always seems to do….

Dear International Students

By Tallie Nikitchyuk   Hey international students! You, yes, you. Where are you on the election posters? Why aren’t you seeing yourselves welcoming our newbies in an over-the-top Introweek costume, saving the academic day in a crisp blue blazer, serving up delicious food and drinks in the purple heart of our community, or sharing the…

Falling in Love: the Stories of UCR

Compiled by Sithis Yim Samnang You know there’s that one person when you look into their eyes, you can sense the soft idleness in your floaty little heart. You can feel the attraction and… CRASH! You fell right into that hole. And your wish is for that person to fall right back; hopefully, into yours….

The Pixels of a UCR Quaranscreen

By Luna Erica “Go to sleep,” someone says. You find your bed, and everything goes black. When the light floods into your field of vision again, you see the sun rising through your window. It is square. This is Minecraft. Now that our “real lives” are compromised, UCR students have taken to digital lives as…

Well, fuck.

by Mathilde Eon It has been over two weeks since UCR closed the doors of its classrooms to students, teachers and staff. I remember hearing cheers outside my Bagijnhof house as I was reading the email announcing the decision of management. Next week’s classes and exams were cancelled until further notice, the night was still…

It Can’t do us Part

as nature’s defence delivers its onslaught – should we commit mass-self-slaughter for the natural world – or is it a mistake a star-crossed affair or the Doomsday dawning the plastic shelves devoid the streets forsaken the drawn-back curtains colourless, pseudoplants on the sills, but the hospitals are all but deserted. journalists thirsty for the death-toll…

Bit Bored? Big Board. (part 1)

By Luna Erica Bit bored -> big board? Well, not necessarily. As the spring semester creeps up on our stressed, fetal-posed bodies, the UCR election season bowls into view. Every year, the boards we have grown to see as invincible entities submerge back into the sea of other students. Then, a few lucky fish swim…

Life after UCR: Part 1

By Anja Herrmann At UCR, you are confronted with so many opportunities and subjects that it can be hard to pick the ones you want to do in the time frame of just three years- and when you finally draw near to the finish line of a 3 year marathon, you get hit with these…

Going Global: An Overview of the UCR Exchange Process

By Luna Erica The semester is well on its way, and for many first- and third-semester students that means that a decision is coming up: Will you apply for an exchange semester? At UCR Open Days, the possibility of an exchange semester is often emphasized as a very exciting element of your studies in Middelburg….

The Musical Show of UCR

By Florence Mazzetti A hall, a stage, a microphone. Songs swinging through the air, telling the audience how to feel. An ever-changing atmosphere led by performances, where silent messages are spread across the room. Open Mics at De Spot give UCR students exclusive experiences, ranging from listening to local performers to going on stage for…

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