Month: May 2017

Your New Italian Playlist

By Gloria Borroni  Contrary to popular belief, Italian music is not about the mandolin and accordion, at least, not all of it. Music is a crucial cultural aspect of Italy, after all, Italy was the home of some of the greatest classical music composers and opera authors of all times. Nonetheless, parallel to this so-called…

Your New Kyrgyz Playlist

By Azamat Omuraliev You know the deal. It’s 2017, and everyone is in the hip-hop game. These days, rap is a big thing. I don’t even have to tell you this. Anyone can fact-check this themselves at the closest party or in Spotify’s “Global Top 50”. And Central Asia is no exception. Of course, we…

Your New Irish Playlist

  Ireland has a vibrant music scene, from satirical hip-hop to classic rock, you want it, we got it. This sneak peek into what Ireland has to offer is an offbeat cultural collaboration, perfect for your first injection into Irish sound. The One for Everyone: Hozier Andrew-Hozier Byrne, better known simply as Hozier, crashed onto…

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